Florence italy agoust 04 the uffizi gallery is main museum in florence
Florence italy agoust 04 the uffizi gallery is main museum in florence
The uffizi gallery is a museum in florence italy which is one of the oldest and most famous art museums in italy
The best museums and galleries to visit in florence italy
Florence museumsmain museums to visit in florenceitaly
Florence italy october 12 2009 uffizi gallery one of

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Famous Art Galleries In Florence Italy.

Tapestries, Tapestries are painted or printed on fabric from Africa or Asia. Tapestries add an old world grace to a home. This type of wall decoration is often forgotten as an art form but seems to be benefiting from a comeback. There are reproductions or commercial types of tapestries and original hand painted tapestries made it to by indigenous people from various countries. They should also be happen on by new abstract artists to go with latter-day home designs.

There are varied types of wall art that you may use to beautify several parts of your domiciliate. There are artworks particoloured on sheet and around that are printed on paper or framework. Around are framed spell others are non . Depending on your internal designing some could be more suitable than others.

Metal Art, Metal art should consist of antique pieces or new artworks blundered on of metal. This softhearted of art should be suitable for various classes of homes, from traditional houses to latter-day minimalist urban condos. Metal art may look like a prominent squarish piece of art work on canvas or look more like wrought iron designs. These are a bit heavy and will desire more sturdy support to hold them up on a wall. They could have a southern Texan tact or look ultra late depending on the design.

Paintings, Paintings are classic art pieces. They should be abstract in form or look traditional. There are many varied classes of paintings you could choose from to find an ideal subject , size and medium that will go with your home design and furniture method . Some canvas wall art can be framed or hung unframed if mounted on gallery wrapped canvas.

Art Prints, Art prints are photographs printed on canvas. Large-scales pieces are very appealing and modern looking. You can get these ready-made from art stores in any size you want . The photos are taken by professional photographers who take pictures from various locations around the world. The images should show landscapes, seascapes, or portray culture and food. Some photos depict animals and city skylines.

Wall Decals, Kids will like lively wall decals lighted on of stickers in his bedroom or playroom. These are feasible if your kids are young since you should easy take the stickers and replace them with former designs. Around paries decals aspect sophisticated enough for the surviving room or master`s sleeping room . If you lease an apartment, these sticker are philosophical doctrine because you won`t wealthy person to aegir holes on the paries and can easily remove them when it`s time to move out.

No matter what kind of wall art you choose to hang in your home. Be sure to get single that you bask sounding at. Before buying palisade decor, shuffle trusted that that the size is apotheosis for your paries distance Take note of colours just about the way and get art that contains around of those colours. Avoid wall hanging artwork with the Saame colour as your bulwark to shuffle the artwork base retired

Mirrors, Mirrors don`t purely make a room look much larger but should also be viewed artistic if mounted on a decorative frame. The frames can be reached of elaborate wooden carvings or present-day metals. Some frames are met of wood and reached to look like metal like silver, gold or bronze. These kinds of wall art look great in living rooms, dining rooms and at the end of a hallway. Use this type of wall decor if you want to make your rooms look larger.

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Guide to the uffizi gallery in florence
The gallery uffizi is one of the most famous museums in florence and italy you
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Top 10 art works to see in the uffizi gallery florence
Florence museumsmain museums to visit in florenceitalyFlorence italy agoust 04 the uffizi gallery is main museum in florenceThe tribuna in the uffizi gallery florence italy stock imagePrivate uffizi gallery tour florence livitaly florence toursTo visit the uffizi gallery andthe accademia gallery and you cant leave this city without visiting florence and italys most famous museumsDuomo florence italy

The Museum of the “Innocenti” in Florence, literally meaning of the “innocents”, documents the six centuries of history and role that the first institute and orphanage in all of Europe has played on the city of Florence and the world.

This silent and tranquil aclove in the city center promises you a moment to actually stop and smell the roses!  Spectacular panoramic views of the Florence skyline, a Kauffeehaus where you can sip a cappuccino or eat a gelato and a moment to explore the green beauty of the Florentine palaces & villas.  Don’t miss a chance to discover this secret garden.

This special space dedicated to the contemporary artist Marino Marini creates a surprising yet pleasant contrast with the historic backdrop of the ex-chuch of San Pancrazio & the highly praised work of Leon Battista Alberti. A visit will have you comparing past and present in an inviting and luminous atmosphere.

If you like design, fabric, color & cutting edge clothing designs, then you need to visit these 2 fashion museums in Florence, each show off the fashion savoy of the Florentine designers in the past, present & maybe some hints for the future.

A small jewel among so many others in Florence: a tiny cloister hidden near Piazza San Marco with treasures inside painted by the great Andrea del Sarto.

The Boboli Gardens are one of the most famous “Italian” gardens in the world, a veritable open air museum spread out on the hills behind the Pitti Palace.

Florence is already an open-air museum, but there are also museums that offer children of all ages the chance to enjoy a bit of art and culture, with activities appropriate to their age. Here are 5 family-friendly museums we suggest you add to your itinerary when visiting Florence with your kids.

Someone wake up the fashion lovers who might have fallen asleep reading about the history and renaissance art museums. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like; a museum of the history of Gucci fashion. Through the decades of designs, you can see the evolution of fashion and the growth of the Gucci brand over the years. If this sounds more your style, head to Piazza della Signoria. Afterwards, have a stylish lunch at the Gucci restaurant outside the museum.

The museum pass sold in Florence is valid for 72 hours and costs €85. Is it a good deal to see the city’s museums with this card or not? Read more to learn what we recommend.

Saved by chance and then hidden for years, this moving “Last Supper” shows deep emotion. Located on the outer edges of Florence, you will find several good reasons to make the short trek to find this masterpiece also known as the Last Supper by Andrea del Sarto.

The convent of San Marco is dominated by the lovely paintings of Fra Angelico. There is an aura of monastic calm within the building, conducive to appreciating the religious themes depicted.

This is the old government building of Florence where the Medici family conducted business.  It is now a very beautiful museum, filled with art and history. Learn about the secrets, the art, and the wealth that this museum contains. Climb to the top of the bell tower when you’ve finished, and take some amazing photos of the city for a keepsake.

Not your everyday museum. Stefano Bardini’s legacy to Florence is an eclectic collection of art, sculpture, tapestries, armory, ceilings and many unusual yet beautiful items. Spend some of your time in the city wandering among fragments of Florence, Rome, and Venice

So you’re visiting Florence on Monday – and you’ve just learned that the Uffizi and the Accademia are closed on Mondays! Don’t despair, there are many other museums/attractions in Florence open on Mondays! Here is a handy list with opening hours and costs (and keep in mind Uffizi and Accademia are open on Sundays, so just visit them the day before).

With fortress like castellations and a 311 foot high bell tower, Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio conveys the message of political power supported by military strength. A beautiful museum today, a must-see in Florence hiding extraordinary treasures!

A vivid & colorful exposition of semi-precious stones, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure is a museum like no other. This museum highlights a distinctly Florentine art, the “commesso fiorentino”, also known as images created by stone cuttings made to fit, like a puzzle, creating simply stunning creations.

An impressive collection comprising works by Raphael, Titian, Rubens, Pietro da Cortona and other Italian and European masters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, plus the Royal Apartments, the magnificent rooms which were the home of the Medici and Lorraine families and, from 1865, of the king of Italy.

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One of Giotto’s most talented followers, Taddeo Gaddi dedicated thirty years to the decoration of the refectory of Santa Croce (between 1334 and 1366), which even if devastated during the 1966 flood of Florence, still allows us to appreciate Gaddi’s talent.

Sarcophagus, mummies & chariots! That’s what you can expect to discover while roaming this amazing museum in the heart of Florence Italy. For kids with a great imagination or adults with a curiosity for archeology, you don’t want to miss a visit to this gem.

Mausoleum of the Medici family, the Medici Chapels are a monument to the family’s artistic patronage and grandeur in Florence.

Here’s a list of the “city” museums in Florence, with address and hours, which should help you have everything on hand when deciding where to go next as you visit the city.

This is not just a collection documenting the literary skills of Dante but rather an invitation to explore life in Florence in the 1300’s when this poet, writer, politician and, for many, the father of the Italian language, roamed the city streets.

Casa di Dante Museum: Experience Dante’s home & city as it once was

The Medici Villa della Petraia: A Jewel Waiting to be Discovered

The intention of this museum was to pay homage to the “good name” of the Buonarroti family, especially that of Michelangelo. It is an intriguing collection of up & coming artists from the 17th century together with documents which give testament to the good this family has done over the years.

If you’re tired of the Italian Middle Ages, check out this national museum full of Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek and Roman artifacts and art. It’s off the beaten tourist path, so you will come across a few interesting buildings on the way, and come to a sprawling museums with both indoor and outdoor areas filled with pieces of history for all to enjoy.

Mathematics and science lovers, this one’s for you. This astronomer has landed his own museum right here in Florence with a fantastic location between the Uffizi and the Arno river. Galileo redefined the human perspective and ideas about the universe, which is pretty amazing since he studied in the 17th century. He had naysayers, drama with the church, and even his own father wanted to keep him away from maths and science initially, but we owe so much to Galileo and how he shaped our world view. Go and pay him respect by checking out his museum.

Have limited time to visit the Uffizi? A visit with a guide can help you make your way through the museum’s main rooms so you don’t miss any of the most important masterpieces by Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and more!

The Pitti Palace houses important collections of paintings and sculpture, works of art, porcelain, silver and period costumes. The rooms contain works by Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio and many others. The beautiful Boboli Gardens, grand example of Italian Renaissance gardens, are on the hill behind the palace.

This old palace is now home to non-permanent long term exhibitions passing through Florence. Modern art or themed galleries use this location while in the city, and since Florence is so rich in art and artists, there is always a new exhibit to discover here.

The decorative marble facade of Tuscany’s most important Gothic church incorporates billowing sails and ostrich feathers (emblem of the Medici). The church houses immense artistic treasures, donated by wealthy patrons, many with chapels named after them.

The famous elevated passageway was built by Vasari in 1565 connecting Palazzo Pitti to Palazzo Vecchio: how it is today, a short history and future plans for the Vasari Corridor that passes over the heads of unsuspecting visitors today.

Visit the Villa and the beautiful Italian garden that surrounds the villa that used to be the home to the Medicis, the Lorraines and even the king of Italy. This gem is waiting to be discovered, as it off the beaten track and off many itineraries.

Opificio delle Pietre Dure: Museum Highlight this Florentine Art

The Brancacci Chapel marks the start of the Renaissance, with Masaccio’s frescoes expressing the power and brilliance that inspired the Florentine painters of the 15th century.

Art and history seem to go hand in hand in the birthplace of the Renaissance. Experience Florence in a way that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time to see how the history of the city has affected its art and culture.  From sculpture, art, architecture, mathematics, archeology, history, physics and astronomy, and even fashion, Florence has a museum for everyone.

A list of the “state” museums in Florence will help you better understand how museums in Florence are organized but also see at-a-glance which ones are included when special openings occur for “state museums only”.

This was once the palace where the Medici family lived. The palace is one of the largest architectural monuments in Florence to date, built in 1457 and designed by Brunelleschi (the same guy who designed the domed roof on the cathedral). With additions over the years when the royal family lived there, the building now has numerous wings of museums, as well as separate museums on the back property known as Boboli Gardens.  Some of the museums in the palace include a museum of modern art, the Palatine Gallery of 16th and 17th century paintings, a silver museum, and the Royal Apartments where the furnishings are on display after a remodelling. Between the palace, all the museums, and Boboli Garden, you could easily spend all day here.

This is a newly renovated museum in the heart of the city, and a long standing piece of important architecture. Translated to The Hospital of the Innocents, this large square and adjoining buildings used to be an orphanage run by nuns and priests. Indoor and outdoor areas make up this museum, and paintings, frescos, and artifacts are on display. Built by Brunelleschi, it was another major architectural feat for the times. See it for yourself and explore the secrets that lie within its history.

The Accademia houses Michelangelo’s David, easily the most famous sculpture in the world. Once inside, you’ll also see Michelangelo’s unfinished and powerful Prisoners, along with works by Perugino, Giambologna, Botticelli and Alessandro Allori.

The home of the famous David sculpture by Michelangelo, this gallery is one of the most visited in the world. It’s not nearly as grand and large as the Uffizi Gallery, so you could see everything here in a morning, including other works by Michelangelo, sculptures and beautiful paintings.

Strong emotions are transmitted with colors, perspective and skill.  The Last Supper commissioned for this once hospital, now is the focus of contemplation by visitors to this modern conference center by Porta Romana.

We know how hard it is to narrow the places you want to see and visit in Florence. We thought of sharing our top favorites between museums, monuments, parks and churches to help you make your list of must-sees in Florence!

The immense dimensions of Palazzo Strozzi pay homage to its namesake, the Strozzi family. The exterior boasts one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture in the city while the interior promises Florence’s largest temporary exhibition space hosting modern & contemporary art shows.

The Chapel of the Magi by Benozzo Gozzoli is why you should visit the majestic Palazzo Medici Riccardi on Via Cavour. It is a small, yet precious jewel that takes visitors back in time to the era of Florence’s Rennaissance.

This is a new museum solely dedicated to the rich and lengthy history of the planning, building and reconstruction of Florence’s famous landmark, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Brunelleschi is famous for his innovative building techniques of the time. This museum is great if you like architecture, politics, history, Catholic influences in Italian history, or you just appreciate the beauty of this beautiful old building. When you’re finished, the museum inside the church under the main floor is full of the church’s religious history, which also includes artefacts from the royal Medici family.

Primarily a sculpture museum, you’ll be treated to early Michelangelo marbles and Giambologna bronzes and Cellini works then on to a room full of famous works by Donatello, considered by many the greatest sculptor since antiquity. The museum houses more than sculpture, it is definitely a museum worth exploring!

Obviously you can’t come to Florence without seeing the Uffizi Gallery. It’s one of the most famous museums in the world and is the home to masterpieces by Raphael, Giotto, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Caravaggio, to name but a few. Uffizi is huge and could take you all day if you want to see everything, but if you’re only looking to see the highlights, do some research before you go as you can find maps of the museum to stay on track to see specific pieces. There is also the Vasari Corridor, which runs from Palazzo Vecchio, over Uffizi and across the river over Ponte Vecchio, bringing you to Palazzo Pitti. This was used by royals and important diplomats of Florence’s time, but is now a museum.

Architectural Buildings, Sacred & Religious Sites, Art Museums, Churches & Cathedrals

One of the world’s top art museums, the Uffizi Gallery houses some of the most important works of the Renaissance, including works by Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli and Michelangelo and a large collection of Greek and Roman sculptures.

This place goes by many names including Palazzo del Bargello, Museo Nazionale di Bargello, or Palazzo del Popolo, but no matter what you call it, the important thing is to visit it. Once a prison, this art museum is very well kept with plenty of paintings, sculptures, and architecture.

The huge artistic undertaking that the cathedral complex represents is filled with enormous works of art, hundreds of artists and even a few unexpected surprises. The new exhibition area of museum should be on the top of your list to visit.

Museums in Florence during the holidays will be open following their normal schedules except on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, with a few places open on the first day of the new year. Continue reading to find out what is open and when.

Florence attracts millions of visitors every year, and you’ll often have to stand in line for hours before entering the Uffizi Gallery or the Accademia. Don’t waste time: book your tickets in advance! Make sure to read all of our tips on which ones to book ahead of time and how, and when you don’t need to book.

Just a short hike outside the city walls and you are at the Stibbert Museum and Park.  An adventure for all ages, and all interest, this museum has a vast collection of oddities including weapons and armor from all over Europe, the middle east and Japan.

The Palazzo Davanzati showcases how a noble family lived in Florence during the middle ages. There are many surprises to discover and authentic furniture rooms like the kitchen, bedrooms and indoor toilets! Read our insider tips on how to see the best of this museum.

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